Friday, September 2, 2011

Delta Force: Land Warrior - MediaFire

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Delta Force: Land Warrior
Delta Force: Land Warrior - MediaFire | 680 MB

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Also known as Delta Force 3 this is a first person 3D tactical game where you lead a team of elite soldiers into battle zone situations. Each of your 5 team members specializes in unique areas for missions such as hostage rescues, and tactical assaults.

Minimum System Requirement:
  • CPU Type: Pentium II, Celeron

  • RAM: 128MB

  • Hard Drive Space: 200MB

  • Sound Card: Windows Compatible

  • CD Drive Speed: 4X

  • Video Card: Direct 3D

  • Compatible Devices: mouse, keyboard

  • Software (DirectX 5.0, etc.): DirectX 7.0 or greater (included on CD)

  • Graphic Accelerators Supported: 3dfx Voodoo 2, 3dfx Voodoo 3, 3dfx Voodoo 5, NVIDIA TNT, NVIDIA TNT2, NVIDIA GeForce, NVIDIA GeForce2, ATI Rage Fury Max, Matrox G400

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