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Blitzkrieg RIP - Mediafire PC Game

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Blitzkrieg RIP - Mediafire PC Game | 155 MB

Blitzkrieg is the latest game from the German publishers CDV, the guys responsible for Sudden Strike, and once again they have included a huge amount of detail. On the surface this game looks like any other CDV war based title, and let's face it, there are plenty of them to choose from. But like EA and the FIFA series, each instalment seems to raise the bar in terms of depth, playability and character.

As you battle your way through Europe in the Second World War, the gameplay in Blitzkrieg is often intense as you attempt to control multiple troops across the gaming landscape in front of you. Mess up and it's game over; this is not a base building exercise akin to the C&C range. Admittedly this is nothing new or adventurous. However, it's the little things that make this a thrilling RTS. Don't feed the supply lines to your forward troops and they soon run out of ammo. If a unit or bunch of units does well, they improve their skill making them a vital asset in defeating the enemy.

Graphics are what we have come to expect from the old school RTSs and while this isn't the most graphically beautiful game you'll find on your PC, it not only means that you can concentrate on the gameplay, but it also means this game is available to everyone rather than a select few with the latest powerhouse machines.
Overall, this is a demanding and challenging RTS with some very nice features. Yes it's another WWII RTS from CDV, but when they make them this good, who cares.

  • Thrilling real time strategy game

  • Historically accurate battles of WWII in Africa, Russia and Europe

  • 3 gripping campaigns with more than 80 challenging missions

  • 3D landscapes extend your tactical possibilities

  • Original Word War II video clips provide a immersive atmosphere

  • Multiplayer game via LAN or the Internet

  • Skirmish mode

System Requirement:
  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

  • 2.4GB Hard Disk Space

  • Pentium III 800MHz Processor

  • 128MB RAM

  • 32MB 1024x768 3D Accelerated Video Card

  • DirectX compatible Sound Card

  • 32X CD-ROM Drive

Mediafire Link :
Part 1 | Part 2

Tested By Me @Windows XP


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